April 21, 2024

Corona Virus 2020

We all are experiencing new things during the Corona Virus pandemic. One of those new experiences is moving traditional schooling onto a virtual platform. Not every teacher in America is familiar or experiments with online platforms, so it has been a real adventure. On this page I’m going to post some videos and probably journal entries I’ll plan on keeping and producing over the next few weeks. Most of the videos will be educational video explaining to the ESE students I work with how task are completed. Hopefully this will be a lot of fun.

This first video is actually the second one I made. It is a cold reading of the instructions for the students on a Language Arts packet the teacher administered to them. I like to have fun with the directions and there is always an example.

The second video is the first video I recorded. There was a mistake in the packet about the Haiku poem. I figured it was easier to make a video than to explain to each student one by one what to do.