July 17, 2024

3 thoughts on “Implementation Outline For Hat Trick Training Academy and Sense Arena

  1. Peer Review 1

    Wow, Nick! This sounds incredible! What a great way to allow players to practice in an authentic way without having to go to the rink! I did go to your other posts to help the plan make sense to me because I am unfamiliar with the product. Once I read your proposal post, I was able to understand. For that reason, you might add an overview of your idea before laying out the plan. Nothing extensive like the entire proposal, but just a quick “this is what it is” type intro.

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Yes, I will take that into consideration. It’s is kind of strange looking at an implementation proposal and not knowing what it is about or what it is for. Thank you!

  2. Nick, you are onto something here. I mean you are talking some serious futuristic innovation having youth league hockey players honing their skills with VR. This sounds like a 12-year-old’s dream!!
    The outline is clear and sequenced well. It is easy to follow your timeline and train of thought for implementation.
    A few thoughts/questions:
    – I am not exactly sure what is happening. I am unclear as to what Sense Arena is or does, and I don’t pick up that it is VR until number 5.
    – You may not know yet, but do you know any specifics about how funds will be raised? Are you taking the lead for writing the grants? Will that responsibility be shared or delegated? Your outline may not be the place for this information, I’m just curious.
    – About how many youths will be serviced by your project? Are we talking one team, the whole league, multiple leagues? I would love to know more about the scope.

    It is so refreshing and just neat to see the concepts we have learned being applied to an institution outside of classroom instruction. Kudos to you man. This is really great stuff.

    Go Preds!

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