May 30, 2024

The Capstone

Is This Really the End?

Heading back to college! That is what I told myself in October of 2019. I was starting on a Master’s Degree in Education in Digital Learning and Leadership. What in the world made me do this and head back to school once again for another degree? It’s simple, hockey. But not just any hockey, prep school hockey. My goal was to get a job in a prep school in the northeast and coach a team in one of the most prestigious leagues in the country. The way it was supposed to work out unfolded like that; I was supposed to get my M.Ed and I’d get a job. I would have never thought I would put hockey coaching aside, because I fell in love with education.

Coaching the Birmingham Bulls 14U team in 2018

Below is a reflection podcast that I hosted with classmates John Lowe and Chris Woods. We are part of a group (5) students in the DLL program who have been together since the first class. We are also texting and talking and bouncing ideas and thoughts off one another. We have built a great friendship during this program, but the funny thing is, we have never met each other in person. While I live in Florida, John, Chris, Mikayla and Shunitra all live in Texas. However, none of them have ever met each other. It is easy to say that this friendship and comradery has been the highest of high points in the program. While I will remember a lot of the program, I will never forget the friendships with these 4 and the others in the program.

In the podcast, Chris does mention that he believes all of our humor all started out when we were quoting movies in the discussion boards. It was so much fun pulling random quotes from obscure films to go along with out posts. As much fun as that was, the discussion boards to me were the low point. And the reason is simple, it was a lot of work go and write a post with references right after or before finishing a 27-page literature review. Yes, it was brutal to me. Not going to lie or beat around the bush, I will be glad when this program is over and I don’t have to do any discussion for a while.

The amount of information and knowledge that was shared and learned in the program is just amazing. Education is not my background, so I was coming into this program with very little information or even educational theories. Needless to say, I was a little blown away at first. Within a few classes though I was feeling a little more confident. This kept going on throughout the program just filling my brain with information that I will use throughout the rest of, not only my career, but the rest of my life.

This opportunity has been one of the best adventures I have ever done. Meeting so many different people with wonderful ideas and personalities has been such a great experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Reflection on DLL Program Podcast

The Journey Through the DLL Program

Course descriptions provide by Lamar University

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5302 Concepts of Educational Technology 

The Concepts of Educational Technology emphasizes how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can enhance the teaching and learning experience and enable students to lead digital learning.

Growth Mindset and Learning Manifesto

Growth Mindset

5305 Disruptive Innovation in Education

Success in leading technological change in your learning environment is directly related to how well you and your organizations are prepared. By embracing technological innovations as opportunities rather than challenges, students will proactively use those changes as catalysts to enhance their organization’s learning environments.

Blended Technology in Ice Hockey Training

Technology and Ice Hockey Training (Redeaux)

Sense Arena Virtual Reality Hockey Training System

Innovation Project

Hat Trick Training Academy Implementation Project

5303 Applying Education Technology

Evidence-based uses of educational technology in organizations.

5313 Creating Significant Leaning Environments 

Explore the theories of constructivist epistemology used to create student-centered learning environments. By applying constructivist techniques, students create active and engaging learning environments that utilize technology, increase motivation for learning, and engage the learner.

Significant Learning Environment Module Project

5304 Leading Organization Change

Explore current leadership theories and practices for leading digital change in organizational systems. Professional leaders will learn to address the resistance to change that occurs when launching innovative digital learning initiatives in
educational environments.

Hat Trick Training Implementation Project

5315 Assess Digital Learning and Instruction

Professional educators learn to quantify and assess student-learning in digital learning environments using practical measurement solutions to overcome the common misperception that abstract concepts such as learning are immeasurable.

5318 Instructional Design in Online Learning

Learn the basics of creating effective instructional design for online courses using the Understand by Design framework.

5389 Developing Effective Professional Learning

This course will help students to identify and engage in professional learning opportunities and develop a foundation for their personal learning goals.

5314 Digital Learning and Global Context

Provides opportunities to explore benefits of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) used in educational environments and the best approaches in which innovative ICT practices have been used for education in local and global contexts.

5316 Digital Citizenship

Students examine the critical elements of digital citizenship by interacting with multiple learning communities.

What It Takes To Make Cyber Space Safe Podcast

5317 Resources for Digital Environments

This course focuses on ongoing discussion and
analysis of existing digital learning resources to understand and evaluate their practicality and value for educational use.

Nicholas Skelton Student Athlete VR Publication Video

5320 Synthesis Digital Learning and Leadership 

The Capstone Course

The purpose of the synthesis course is to provide students with the opportunity to synthesize the knowledge, skills and values gained from the program and field experiences to lead organizational change.